Wallac Press Release:


Turku, Finland - 14.9.1998

Wallac WorkOut™ applications data management software

New Wallac WorkOut™ software provides life science researchers with an efficient data handling and results calculation tool for use with assays involving light emitting labels. The software has been developed by Dazdaq Ltd., Ringmer, East Sussex, UK working in close cooperation with EG&G Wallac. It is used with the new Wallac VICTOR2 multilabel counter.

For a wide range of applications, WorkOut provides a flexible and easy to use tool for both assay design and results handling. It is 32-bit application for Windows NT/95/98, and includes powerful features such as context sensitive help, and the facility to work with any number of documents open at once. Changes made to any protocol, standards and readings views are carried through so that all other data views are modified instantly to reflect the changes made.

Especially well suited for endpoint and kinetics assays alike WorkOut includes transformation wizards that guide the user through the protocol configuration, including blank correction, standard curves, matrix difference and user defined transformations. 10 flexible kinetic reduction methods are supported, and the reduction method can be reselected after readings have been made.

WorkOut can automatically flag wells which satisfy user defined conditions, all flagged wells will be included in the final report. Flexible cut-offs and validations can be set up to label and verify test data.

There is a wide range of graphics options that allow raw or calculated data to be presented in 2D or 3D graphs, zoomed, rotated or shifted. There are also a large number of possibilities for export of data; for example, Windows clipboard can be used to export data to Excel.

The Wallac VICTOR2 multilabel counter operates in more than 10 counting modes covering the main light emitting label detection technologies, including prompt fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence and photometry.

Headquartered in Turku, Finland, EG&G Wallac develops, manufactures and markets analytical and immunodiagnostics systems, instruments, reagents and computer software for clinical diagnostics, life science research, biotechnology and environmental monitoring. With some 700 employees worldwide, EG&G Wallac is part of EG&G's Life Sciences Strategic Business Unit, which in 1997 had sales of $126 million (U.S.). More information about Wallac products can be obtained by calling +358-2-2678 111, or visiting the company's website at http://www.wallac.com/.

EG&G, Inc., based in Wellesley, MA, USA, is a global technology company with annual sales of $1.5 billion and 13,000 employees.

Dazdaq is a specialist software development company providing custom software for scientific instrument manufacturers and diagnostic testing companies. Visit Dazdaq's website at http://www.dazdaq.com/.