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Dazdaq's Stingray software is the ultimate protocol design, data acquisition, review and archiving tool for microplate and tube reader technology.

In the first level of operation, scientists, laboratory managers and those wishing to set up protocols and routine test parameters can define protocols and store them under named libraries. It is therefore possible to develop Stingray as a user defined protocol manager from which all named protocols can be recalled quickly and simply at any time in the future.

Stingray is a feature packed protocol design and execution tool. Stingray controls instrumentation and manipulates acquired data for research and diagnostic needs. Stingray provides unparalleled ease of use for specifying assay requirements and reviewing test results in a single Windows environment.

In the second level of operation, laboratory staff who need to run defined protocols set up by e.g. managers and commercial reagent suppliers can simply recall the parameters automatically by clicking on the appropriate test name.

Stingray offers the easiest way to produce flexible and usable protocols for laboratory automation.

Stingray has two levels of operation which permit it to be both very powerful and very easy to use.


Stingray can accommodate the power and versatility required by researchers setting up the most complex assays while at the same time being able to reset test parameters very quickly and simply by recalling the appropriate test protocol.

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