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Q Why should I ask a third party to develop my software when I can do it myself?
A We provide a significant additional resource which can be added to projects which arise from time to time, e.g. new instruments or new diagnostic kits. Since we already have a lot of engines and applications written we can generally provide appropriate software much more quickly and cost effectively than an in-house team starting from scratch. Furthermore, since our engines are already running in many laboratories we know they work and are essentially debugged.

Q How can we maintain credibility if our software is known to be subcontracted?
A We do not publicise our customers unless our customers are happy for us to do so. If you need to have software developed in confidence we are happy to provide it. We are able to dress packages to match any instrument or diagnostic kit range.

Q How can we find a third party software contractor which will understand the technology based needs of our products?
A If you are in the scientific instrument or diagnostics business we understand many of your needs and have probably already developed solutions to a large number of them. This saves a lot of time and cost.

Q How can we support third party software in the field?
A We can provide online support either through you or directly to your subsidiaries, depending on your preference.