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 Supported Assays

Nucleic acid quantitation
Dual Luciferase
Drug Discovery

 Supported Instrumentation

The software supports on-line communication with a connected instrument or importing of microplate data from a variety of file formats.

For an up to the minute list of currently supported instrumentation and file formats click here.

 Provided Wizards

The basic version includes the Specific Application Wizards:

Dual Luciferase

and the all encompassing Generic wizard for creating all other types of assay.

Dazdaq are continually working on new wizards for other specific applications to further simplify set-up, these will be available for download from www.dazdaq.com

 Microplate Layout Editor

A wizard to simplify creation of microplate layouts:

Microplate layout of dimensions up to 50x50 are supported.
Edit microplate layouts after readings have been made to correct pipetting errors.
Use the scrubber wizard to safely tweak the number of unknowns immediately prior to run (preserving critical sample types).

 Multiple plates

Assays can be run across multiple plates with analysis making cross plate references.

 Scan readings

Support for agglutination and scan based readings as a 2D area or 1D line through a well.

Create custom sample types with user defined names and colours.

Create assays with multiple populations, e.g. 2 or more sets of standard groups, 2 or more sets of unknowns.


Details of all calculations are stored in the audit-trail stored with the results in a binary file format.

Versioning all changes made to assay results are tracked and stored. Easily step back to previous calculations made on the raw data.

 Temperature monitoring

With supported instrumentation temperature plots are available alongside readings.

Plots such as temperature/time or fluorescence/temperature can be used as inputs to transforms for a wide variety of applications (such as melting curve) analysis.

 Working with other Applications

Assay Protocols can be created to automatically import readings from 3rd party file formats. The list of supported file formats is ever expanding see www.dazdaq.com for up to the minute information.

Manta can be launched from a 3rd party application using the command line with a specified data to import. This is useful in the situation where you want to process data generated by an instrument not currently supported by Manta or from data created prior to using the system the whole acquisition and analysis is automated.

Manta supports working with automation and robotic handling systems contact Dazdaq for more details.

Results and images can be copied and pasted to other Windows application.

The final report can be exported as Word Document or HTML.

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