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 Endpoint Analysis

Endpoint analysis can be set-up using the provided wizards or the comprehensive library of transforms can be used to set-up more advanced analysis.

A transform is essentially a layer of analysis which takes one or more matrices of data as input, performs some operation/analysis and results in calculated output matrices of data and/or report content. With this powerful concept the extensive tool-box of transforms offers total flexibility in assay analysis design combined with minimum configuration.

An unlimited number of transforms can be set-up. Outputs from one transform can be used as input to other transforms. Transforms can operate on data from a single microplate or with assays across multiple plates.

As Dazdaq develop new transforms they will be made available for download from the Dazdaq web-site for seamless integration into existing applications.

Available endpoint transforms include:

  Blank Correction

Automatic set-up of typical blank correction requirements:

One blank group on a plate

One blank group for each unknown group

Complete customisation of associations between blank and sample types to correct

 Curve Fitting

Plot a concentration curve from standard measurements and specified concentration values:

Use a selection of curve fit methods:

Use data across multiple plates:

Set interpolation and extrapolation rules:

Optionally show where calculated points fall on the fit:

 Dilution Factors

Apply a specified factor to groups:

 Single Cut-off

For qualitative assays specify a single cut-off point (a numeric value, a measurement from the plate, or mathematical expression of these terms) to label your unknowns:

 User-defined Expression

Write custom-expressions with references to wells, groups, transform outputs, calculated curve-fit coefficients using standard mathematical and list operators:

 Auto-flag by Well

Automatically flag wells which satisfy or fail a specified condition:

 Other included Endpoint transforms

Transform Description
Dual Cut-off Specify labels between 2 cut-off points.
Dual user-defined expression Write expressions in terms of 2 input matrices.
Matrix Export Export data to text files.
Factor Apply a factor to all endpoint values.
Proportionalise Proportionalise the data.

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